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What is happening with the eLabels for Education℠ Program?
The eLabels for Education program will be ending on July 31st, 2015. All purchases of Labels for Education® participating products made using an eLabels for Education registered loyalty card will continue to be deposited in your school's Labels for Education bank account through July 31st, 2015. You will still be able to clip, submit, and earn points for your school with any of our 2,500 participating products — as you always have. Click here for more details.

Creating and Managing Your eLabels for Education Account
How do I register for eLabels for Education?
Simply go to and follow the instructions to set up your Labels for Education® account. Registration steps are as follows: Enter your first and last name, email address, choose & confirm password, date of birth, (must be at least 18 to register), zip code, and the participating retailer where you shop. Then choose whether you would like to receive informational emails from Labels for Education, answer 2 simple questions, and accept the program rules and regulations by clicking on the appropriate box.

Next, enter your Shopper Card number from a participating retailer in the appropriate box to receive 1-point for each participating product purchased using your Shopper Card.

You will then be prompted to select the school(s) you would like to receive your Labels for Education points. You can find your school by doing the following, enter the School Name, City and State or Zip code. When your school appears, click on the box next to it to select. If your school does not appear, click here for information about how you can help sign up your school for the Labels for Education program.

If you would like to distribute points to more than one school, you can select up to 5 schools to receive your points. Simply click the box next to each school that you would like to receive the points. Points will be distributed equally between your chosen schools unless you revise the percentage going to each school manually.

Click "Submit" and you are done! You can start earning 1 point for each participating product purchase that you make using your shopper card at your favorite participating retailer today! *Remember eLabels for Education supplements the regular Labels for Education program so you can still clip and redeem participating product UPCs to earn the face value of the Labels for Education points.

Can I sign up for a Labels for Education Account?
Individuals cannot sign up for a traditional Labels for Education account unless they have been designated the School’s Coordinator or they meet the requirements for eligibility.  Please refer to the Labels for Education program rules here. Each school is permitted to have 1 coordinator. Click here for more information about how to sign up your school if they are not a registered Labels for Education school.

You can sign up to receive all the latest program news and special offers. Click here to sign up for the Labels for Education newsletter.

My password doesn't work/ I forgot my password
Please contact the Help Center by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page to have your password sent to you.

How many characters can I make my password?
Passwords can be anywhere from 6 to 16 characters long. You can use any combination of numbers and letters.
Where can I get help if I have trouble logging into my eLabels for Education account?
You may contact us by clicking on the “Help Center” link on any page of the eLabels for Education website. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I opt out of receiving emails in the future?
Yes, you can opt-out of receiving future emails from eLabels for Education. You may unsubscribe by going to the “Help Center” link at the bottom of the page and completing our help center form. The only emails you will receive from eLabels for Education are transactional and they include the initial welcome message once you register for eLabels for Education, messages informing you of points earned, any error messages generated while on the eLabels for Education website  and any replies to customer service or password requests.

Questions about eLabels for Education and how the program works
What is eLabels for Education?
The Labels for Education program has been supporting U.S. schools and awarding free educational equipment to schools in exchange for proofs of purchase from participating products since 1973. Labels for Education is offering an even easier way for you to support your local schools. eLabels for Education is an addition to the program being offered through participating retailers. After registering for eLabels for Education, every time you purchase eligible Labels for Education products (Click here for a list of participating Labels for Education products) at any one of the participating stores, (See below for list of participating stores), your school will automatically receive 1 point for every participating product purchased with your Shopper Card. The points you earn will be automatically deposited into your school’s Labels for Education account. Your school can then redeem these points for valuable educational merchandise available through the Labels for Education Catalog. Click here to download the current  2014-2015 Labels for Education Catalog.

What products are eligible for the eLabels for Education program?
The same products that participate in the Labels for Education program are eligible through eLabels for Education. The only difference is that you will receive 1 point for each participating product instead of the face value. Remember, you can still clip and redeem participating product UPCs to earn the full face value of Labels for Education points. Click here to view and download the complete list of Participating Products.

Which stores are participating in eLabels for Education?
There are over 4,000 retail locations that are participating in eLabels for Education. Participating members include:

Supermarkets: Kroger, Ralph's, Dillons, Smith's, King Soopers, Fry's, QFC, City Market, Owen's, Jay C, Pay Less, Baker's, Gerbes, Fred Meyer, Fry's Marketplace, Smith's Marketplace, Kroger Marketplace, Dillons Marketplace, Safeway, Carrs, Genuardis, Pavilions, Price Chopper, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Shoprite, Vons, Giant Eagle, Tops.

Multi-department stores: Fred Meyer, Fry's Marketplace, Smith's Marketplace, Kroger Marketplace, Dillon's Marketplace 

The only Kroger stores not participating are Food4Less.

Bakers Ralphs QFC Smiths City Market Dillons Pay Less Owens Kroger King Soopers JayC Gerbes Frys Fred Meyer Carrs Genuardis Pavillions Randalls Tom Thumb Vons Vons Shoprite Shoprite Shoprite Shoprite

How do I get a Shopper Card from my Retail Location?
Shopper Cards can be freely obtained at any one of the retailers above by going to the customer service desk.

How do I know if my local school participates in Labels for Education?
To find out if your school participates in Labels for Education, visit Find My School and enter your school's zip code. If your school appears on our list, it has been an active Labels for Education program school within the past few years. If your school name is not on the list, it's possible that your school no longer has a coordinator! Consider becoming a coordinator yourself! It's a great way to help your favorite school.

Is my organization or school eligible to participate in Labels for Education?
Eligible schools/organizations may participate in the Labels for Education program and submit proofs of purchase and bonus certificates for redemption. Eligible schools/organizations are public and private schools(K-12), accredited home school associations (K-12), licensed child care centers, public libraries, religious educational centers and Head Start centers having any of the grades K through 12 and preschools located in the 50 United States, District of Columbia; Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands; and any schools located on any U.S. military installation (regardless of location).

What if I have not selected a school?
You will need to select a school to receive your Labels for Education points. If you do not choose a school then your school will not be able to redeem them for Labels for Education merchandise. If you are not able to locate your school, please contact the help center by clicking here . Effective only for points earned on or after January 1, 2014, accounts that have not selected a school as recipient will forfeit any points earned 30 days after the date any such points are earned.

How many points are each participating Labels for Education product worth during the eLabels for Education program?
All eligible products purchased in eLabels for Education are worth 1 point regardless of the point value printed on the label. Periodically, we have promotions where products are worth more than 1 point.

Can I still collect Labels for Education UPC's, submit to my school and receive points in addition to eLabels for Education points?
YES. Please feel free to clip product UPC's for any eligible
Labels for Education products and submit to your school. They will receive the respective number of Labels for Education points on the label in addition to any points earned through
eLabels for Education

Where can I find the Official Rules for the Labels for Education program?
Click on the following link to view the Official Rules for
eLabels for Education.

Privacy and Security
Does eLabels for Education protect my privacy?
Yes, you can view our privacy policy by clicking below:
Campbell’s privacy policy

Contact Us
Where can I get help if I have trouble with something not addressed in the FAQ?
Contact our Consumer Support team by clicking on the “Help Center” link on any page of the promotional website. Please include a brief description of the problem that you are having.
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